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Here is what you need to know about the pulses you eat …. DAILY!

A Rajdhani 1 kg Arhar dal costs you Rs 142. Reliance gives it to you for Rs 102 and within this price range of Rs 150 being the upper limit and Rs 102 being the lowest limit, is what a 1 Kg arhar dal is priced in North India. Now, looking at what these normal dal that we get at the kirana stores, or somewhat fancy stores offer is the quality that is either a premium which will go further from Rs 150 or a cheaper version both in price and quality. Now what exactly would you mean when you check for the so-called quality?

Any normal consumer would go to the nearby grocery shop and look for a 1 Kg packet of Arhar dal and start checking the quality starting with the Manufacturing date, the packaging and whether the brand name is somewhat known or not. Also, he will compare the prices and somewhat generally settles for a dal priced at Rs 140 on an average and would believe that he has not compromised for the quality since he did not pick a dal that was there on offer at Rs 102 or Rs 105 or so on. So you are satisfied now. Here are some facts about the dal that you picked up-

  1. It comes from the soil that is for sure deteriorated and deemed unfit for organic consumption.
  2. The cultivation surely involves pesticides spray and as the days pass the pesticides level will increase for the cultivation of pulses

For organics, a statement made by a professor by the New York University-

“If you can afford them, buy them,” recommends New York University professor Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH. “It really is a personal choice but how can anyone think substances, such as pesticides, capable of killing insects, can be good for you?”

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My experience of eating Organic Arhar Dal

Apart from the instantly noticeable polish free appearance of the dal, the mere aroma of the loose dal will remind you of the times when you were a kid and your dadi used to prepare the dal especially for you and how you loved it!

Also, when cooked the dal will come with a flavor that will make you feel instantly nostalgic of the grandma time, coz even till back then, the quality of our soil was comparatively decent enough to cultivate Pigeon pea. The fact that the taste is so original will make you realize how you have been going strikingly wrong for the whole pulses consumption.

A 1 Kg Arhar Dal by Organic Tattva costs Rs 182. I got it for Rs 164 when I used a coupon code that I got through a promotion deal. So, what I get is a certified organic Dal which assures me that the Dal is truly organic, I get this delivered on my doorstep and with these two advantages, I am ready to pay Rs 14 extra to switch from my non-organic, conventional dal which will never ever taste like this one!

For me, taste matters a lot and the organic dal fits perfectly and surpasses the expectations. Also, I get this satisfaction that I am now encouraging the organic farmers to produce more organic pulses.

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