Review Of Organic Tea


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Kickstarting your day with a cup of hot tea is a usual affair with most of us. For those who cannot go without a cup of tea in the morning would certainly agree that it’s the first thing they have in the morning to literally wake up.


Since we all wish to make healthier and smarter choices with our food intake- Organic Tea is also a hands up in that direction. The organic tea now a day’s come in various refreshing flavours and a variety to choose from be it classic Darjeeling tea to tulsi tea or even lemon, rose, ginger, masala, hibiscus, cardamom to green tea make up a wide range of popular tea’s.


Priced nominally between Rs. 70 to upto Rs. 300 for a pack, additionally they are also offered in different flavours clubbed together to give you a varied choice and range to choose from and are fairly priced.

When it’s organic you would not have to try too hard to understand what is it that you eventually consuming.

  1. You are keeping at bay the pesticides intake that is more likely to be always used in the conventional methods of cultivating crops.
  2. The rich nutrients from the soil are absorbed by the crop being grown on them which is essential in managing the health of the crop
  3. The crop retains its essential goodness of nutrients which are preserved for our final consumption and benefitting our health.

Some claim that organic products are expensive as compared to the regular products which are readily available in the market in a wider range. But yet again when it comes to your health and well-being in the long- run what is it that you would prefer?

Organic tea has myriad benefits of consuming it. With rich flavours like tulsi, ginger, lemon and green tea, not only do they help detox the body and provide immunity to fight against regular infections/ allergies like flu, cold and cough but also helps replenish the body and in some instances also helps relieve the stress.

My experience of including the organic tea in my daily routine has certainly helped me remain active with a variety of choices in the offing for me. It’s lighter on the stomach, refreshing for the body which adds vitality to my routine and good for the gut.



Strengthen Your Teeth & Gums Naturally


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‘You are what you eat’, when it comes to our health our body mirrors the state of your health and reflect back to us what is it we need to do next or fix next. In the overall health paradigm we might give a miss to the health of our teeth and gums usually on the pretext that they look just fine until trouble brews up with them.


Oral health is equally important to our overall healthy well being. We guide you with the natural foods you can incorporate in your diet to help ward off gum and oral cavities or problems.


Foods those are high in water content

Eating foods that have high water content are naturally abrasive as they scrub and clean the teeth of any remains or plaque. Foods like cucumber, watermelons, strawberries, kiwis, celery and water itself at good intervals should be incorporated.

Foods high in Calcium & Phosphorous

Consuming foods rich in calcium and phosphorous will help keep your teeth strong. The foods that fall in this category of foods with high calcium content are milk, yogurt, almonds , seafood. While foods like fish, eggs, tofu, pumpkin seeds, spinach, green leafy vegetables, brazil nuts are foods with higher phosphorous content in them.

Foods rich in Vitamin D & C

Vitamin C is good for gums as it is not susceptible to bacteria. Fruits and vegetables like oranges, mango, lemon, strawberry, kiwis and others should be included. While foods rich in Vitamin D help the body absorbs calcium.

Apart from alternating foods in these food groups one must also maintain a good oral care regime which involves flossing the teeth regularly, brushing atleast twice a day, getting a dental checkup at regular intervals of any cavities and other dental problems. All these efforts will go a long way in maintaining a sound oral health.


Veg Foods That Can Also Increase Your Libido


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A sound and a healthy relationship between husband and wife is the foundation for a happy life. Amongst the many facets that form the core of a relationship also includes their intimate relationship with one another is the direct effect of the libido brewing between the two. It is a natural desire to be sexually attractive and expressive towards your partner.


But there could be events that might lead to lower libido for both men and women which affect their sexual life. This should not really get you worked up as there are better alternatives nature has provided us than just medication. We would help you to explore some of the natural vegetarian foods that you will certainly want to make a part of your diet for better vitality.


Some of the foods that you should consider are-

Legumes & Beans

Legumes and Beans are true proteins and help build the body’s muscle system. They are abundant with potassium, fiber and antioxidants which help in increasing the libido and provide energy to the body.

Nuts & Dry Fruits

Nuts in general contain argentine which is important for blood flow especially during arousal. Dry fruits and nuts are also rich in essential fatty acids which is crucial for production of hormones in both men and women. Research’s have proven they are effective against sexual impotency and thereby increases sexual stamina in both men and women.


Avocado is rich in Vitamin B6, folic acid and essential fatty acids which increases hormones production in the body, additionally it also contains potassium which regulates the thyroid hormone and increases libido.


Nutmeg is one spice which has since ages been used in cuisines particularly Indian cuisine and traditional medicines to boost libido.


Pepper carry an important compound called Capsaicin, which releases endorphins and dilates the blood vessels both of which are required for generating the libido in the body.


Fruits like Apples, Bananas, blueberry, watermelon and strawberry are also rich source of antioxidants, Vitamins, potassium, folic acids and other vital nutrients which let the blood flow seamlessly throughout the body and keep the hormones in check.


Seeds like Pumpkin, flax and chia seeds are rich in zinc, lycopene and essential fatty acids which regulate the blood flow in the body, regulate the hormone production in the body thereby keeping the libido in check.


Reasons Why You Could Be Feeling Weary Often


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If you are often feeling snappy, tired and weary often chances are that it’s more than just lack of sleep. These could be signs your body resorts to indicate that all is not quite right with the body and it’s time to sit up and take those changes into account.


There could be myriad of reasons behind your constantly feeling lethargic and low on energy. Here are a couple of reasons behind that and how to overcome them.


  1. Anemia

The most rampant reasons for you’re constantly feeling tired could be due to anemia which arises due to deficiency of iron in the body. It affects lesser men as compared to women in their menstrual cycles or in their menopause. This can be kept in check if a balanced diet including beetroot, Vitamin C supplements, honey, and whole grain cereals is consumed.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetes could be another reason for your feeling worn out often. It results in long- term condition caused by too much sugar in the blood. This can be kept in checked if you take a balanced diet rich in green- leafy vegetables, beans, oats, garlic, fish oil, blueberries, almonds, quinoa and olive oil amongst others.

  1. Stress & Anxiety

The quality of life we all currently live has undergone a drastic change where we are constantly under stress and struggling to live a healthier life. The stress could be relieved by using essential oils like chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang which are therapeutic. Herbs like cloves, thyme, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits and citrus fruits like sweet lime and oranges can be added to the diet.

  1. Depression

Depression is another reason that can drain you of energy and make you feel worn out.  Lifestyle changes like exercising, yoga & meditation can bring about a major positive change along with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, consumption of green tea, Vitamin D supplements, fish oil, Vitamin B & folate supplements, and cashews apart from a substantially rich diet.

  1. Underactive Thyroid

Malfunctioning of thyroid gland can result in low levels of thyroxine in the body which could be a reason for your constantly feeling tired throughout the day and also low energy levels. Thyroid can be validated through a blood test. For a fully functional thyroid gland regular exercises along with diet management should form an integral part. Vitamins, proteins, minerals should form the core of the diet including whole grains, vegetables, coconut oil and drinking lots of fluids like water.


Why do they talk so much about brahmi as a brain booster?


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Two incidents:

“My son is 6 years old but still he is not able to concentrate on his studies. Whatever I teach him he is not able to memorise it”

“My boss scolds me every day because I fall asleep in the midst of my work”

Do these incidents sound familiar to you?

If yes, then how do you tackle them?

 “I consulted many physicians, gobbled up so many vitamins and pills containing what not, and the result is only disappointment”


All these things point to just one problem and that is impaired brain health.

The solution to this does not lie in pills, but only in one herb – Brahmi (Bacopa  Monnieri)

Remember the famous “Brahmi Amla Hair Oil”. Ever wondered why is brahmi added to the hair oils?

Brahmi is amongst the top herbs used in Ayurveda to enhance intelligence, learning skills and speech and there is no herb better than it in improving brain function in a natural way.


Brahmi has many health benefits to boast of:

  • Strengthens the memory and intellect: A research study conducted by Centre for Biomedical Engineering, IIT Delhi testifies the role of brahmi in memory dysfunction occurring in neurodegenerative disorders. brahmi helps to regenerate the neural networks in the brain thus boosting your memory.
  • Boosts the cognitive ability that includes thinking, reasoning, understanding, learning and remembering: This has been supported by a research study conducted by Department of Preclinical Science, Thammasat University, Thailand. They studied the effects of Brahmi on attenuation at cognitive deficit seen in a rat model of schizophrenia and concluded its positive role in restoration and prevention of cognitive deficit in schizophrenia patients.
  • Supports focus and concentration: Brahmi provides relief to people suffering from short attention span and decreased focus.
  • Encourages a balanced emotional state: Brahmi acts a tonic for the mind providing clarity and increased awareness. It relaxes the nerves, soothes the muscles and reduces stress.
  • Promotes daytime energy and healthy sleep at night: Brahmi exerts a relaxing and tonic effect on the nervous system thus increasing alertness in daytime and ensuring relaxed sleep at night.
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair: The relaxation you feel after applying herbal oils is attributed to the presence of brahmi in them.
  • Promotes Liver health: Brahmi supports liver function by protecting it from toxins in the body and promoting natural detoxification.
  • Loaded with strong antioxidants thus inhibiting cell damage

Given these health benefits, it won’t be wrong to say that brahmi is the king of herbs in boosting your brain health.

How to use Brahmi as a brain booster?

Brahmi can be used in various forms like fresh brahmi juice, brahmi powder, brahmi capsules and hair oil to reap its benefits. So why depend on anti-depressant pills and memory tonics when you can go for a natural solution?

And yes, it goes without saying to opt for an organic variety of brahmi if you don’t want to be burdened with harmful pesticides and pollutants associated with non-organic herb. It is very sad that India having been bestowed with this wonder herb does not see any one or more of its health-giving products in every second home. Mothers who have been using brahmi for their children can be reached out to as to what wonderful changes they perceived in their children.


What has Kendall Jenner’s amazing figure got to do with green tea?


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Kendall Jenner, the successful American model is much in news nowadays due to her hot looks and perfectly toned body. She is one of the celebrities to achieve fame and success at a young age of 20 years.

Revealing her diet secrets at Fashion Week, she said a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, and devoid of junk food keeps her high on energy. But her amazing figure can be attributed to her green tea addiction.


She starts her day with a cup of green tea and consumes 12 cups in a day that helps her to stay in shape.

However, the health benefits of green tea are not limited to weight loss. She is the one who vouches for it. And she has a reason to do so.


Let’s have a look at what a cup of green tea offers to you:

  • Boosts metabolism – Green tea, due to the presence of catechins , interferes with absorption of lipids in the intestine and thus prevents accumulation of fat in the body. These benefits are added by including

High amounts of protein, and less fat and sugar in your diet.

  • Lowers cholesterol – Green tea helps in lowering the level of all types of cholesterol thus reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Prevents cancer – Research studies have concluded the role of green tea in lowering the risk as well as slowing down the growth of ovarian, breast, prostate and endometrial cancers.
  • Detoxification – Green tea is rich in antioxidants like catechins that lower the amount of free radicals in the body thus preventing cell damage. Free radicals are a group of atoms having at least one unpaired electron which makes them unstable and highly reactive. They accelerate cell damage and increase the incidence of cancer, heart disease and age-related diseases.
  • Improves brain function – Green tea contains caffeine, although less than that of coffee , together with amino acid L-theanine which helps in improving brain function including mood, reaction time and memory. It also protects the brain from neurodegenerative disorders like dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Lowers the risk of dental infection – The antioxidants in green tea also inhibit bacterial growth thus lowering the risk of dental infection, caries and bad breath.
  • Controls blood sugar – Some research studies have proven the effects of green tea in lowering blood sugar levels in Type II diabetics and also preventing the incidence of diabetes in high risk individuals.

Besides green tea, diet pills and supplements are another option available for those trying to shed extra pounds. Although these diet supplements are advertised as magical solution to lose weight but maximum are not backed by any clinical research. In addition, they carry the risk of harmful effects like increased heart rate, high blood pressure, diarrhoea, anxiety, sleeplessness, and kidney and liver damage.

On the other hand, green tea is a safe, natural and reliable choice to stay in shape and lead a happy, healthy life.

Ideally, you can take 3-5 cups of green tea daily with a maximum of 10, and opt for fresh leaves rather than tea bags.

So, just replace your cup of normal tea with green tea and give a complex to your friends with a perfectly toned body.


Detoxify Your Kidney’s Naturally


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The two bean shaped organs in our body called the Kidneys help in cleaning our body of the toxins and keeps the functioning of the body smooth. They work 24/7 to keep our bodies healthy and free of toxins. Our daily lifestyle which involves consumption of all sorts of foods from junk to quick fixes and stress which has become an indispensable part of our lives takes a toll on our system too.


The load of toxins gradually slows the kidney functioning over time making them susceptible to infections, tumors, cysts and even stones. Therefore it becomes important to cleanse the kidneys so that they can function smoothly.

There are natural ways to cleanse your kidneys which will ensure it functions smoothly and remains healthy. Listed below are some of the ways you could implement it-


Drink Lots of Water

For a regular kidney detox it is essential to have atleast 10-14 glasses of water daily to cleanse them of accumulated toxins. Different teas and juices have been advocated to detoxify the kidneys as they contain some vital vitamins and minerals which aid the cleansing process.

Intake of Fresh Fruits

Fruits or even vegetables that are rich in potassium also aid the process of cleansing the kidneys naturally. Fruits like oranges, sweet lime, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, prunes, kiwis and dairy products like milk and yogurt are rich in potassium; their intake aids the cleansing process. Ideally a diet rich in adequate amount of potassium is preferred.


Berries like cranberry are rich in nutrient called quinine which converts itself to hippuric acid in the liver after the process of metabolism. The hippuric acid is crucial as it is useful in clearing the excess of uric acid and urea in the kidneys. Cranberries have anti- bacterial properties which help them in curing the urinary tract infections too.

Include Barley In Your Diet

Barley, a whole grain can be used effectively to also cleanse your kidneys. Soak a handful of barley in a glass of water overnight. Drink this water on an empty stomach. This not only helps in cleansing but also repairs the kidneys. From a study, it was pointed out that regular intake of barley water maintains the creatinine levels.

Avoid Proteins

High- protein foods have been found to have detrimental effects on the kidneys. It is because their digestions leave behind a vast amount of waste by- products. This is the reason why patients with chronic disorders of kidneys are said to avoid proteins completely.

Gokshura– The Ayurvedic Remedy

Gokshura is an ayurvedic supplement which boosts kidney health and is recommended to those who face problems of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Gokshura has antibiotic properties which check the bladder infections. The gokshura capsules can be consumed twice daily to check the flow of urine and cools and soothes the urinary membranes thereby relieving the pain.

The organic and natural ways to detoxify the kidney will have less side- effects to the body and will leave you feeling light, healthy and rejuvenated.


Organic food stuffs for an elaborate meal on Bhai Dhooj


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Have you thought of your cuisine on the occasion of Bhai Dooj?  What treat are you planning for your lovely brother? Fried poori, gulab jamun, kheer, laddu, whatever it may be, we are sure it would be something special.

Bhai Dhooj, the festival that celebrates the affectionate bond between sisters and brothers is never complete without the delicacies prepared by you, wherein you instil all your love and blessings for your kin.


But the food items prepared with so much affection are detrimental to your brother’s health. Is this because they are fried and high in calories?  Not only this, the fundamental ingredients used in preparing the dishes are not organic. They are cultivated using, well, let’s not repeat it. You know it already.

But we were wondering why not give you an idea on organic options to make Bhai Dhooj cuisine a healthy delight for your brother.


The celebration starts by offering sweets to your brother after performing the ritual. Common sweets used are besan ladoo,  gulabjamun and barfi. The basic ingredients used in these confectioneries are flour, be it wheat flour or gram flour, ghee, sugar and milk.

You just need to make a small change of replacing these ingredients with organic ones. Use organic flour, ghee, organic sweeteners like jaggery and maple syrup, condensed milk and organic dry fruits for your recipes. It will be worth doing so as you gain essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C found in organic food.

Main Course Meal

Vegetables, chappatis, poori, paranthas and raita comprise an elaborate meal for this day. We know it’s difficult to take out time for such a luxurious meal but you won’t stop going to any extent to show your affection for your sibling. And choosing organic food is one way of achieving that purpose.

Loaded with the goodness of antioxidants and destitute of harmful organophosphorus compounds, organic vegetables ensure strong immunity and a happy heart. They are also superior in taste than their non- organic counterparts. Beans and pulses are no different when it comes to conventional cultivate.

Every time you choose organic, you not only ensure your family’s health but also lend a helping hand in agricultural management that promotes soil health and fertility; fosters species diversity, helps encounter climate change and prevents damage to the valuable water resources.

The flour that goes in making chappatis and paranthas can provide supplements like vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc only if it’s organic. The conventional cooking oil needs to be replaced with an organic counterpart obtained by natural metabolic process from plants and animals. It strengthens your digestive system without compromising on taste.

After all, it’s your duty to take care of your brother’s digestive system by not making him feel bloated after a meal. Bloating is a common problem on Bhai Dhooj –ask your brother!

Be it plain yoghurt or raita, it always takes care of your teeth and bones by providing you calcium and phosphorus. You are also gifted with a healthy heart, digestion and immune system. Fruits like cucumber, pomegranate, apple or pineapple can be added to supplement the curd with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals present in organic fruits. Non-organic products are loaded with organophosphorus compounds that are detrimental to brain health.

And last but not the least, the spices and condiments you use in your recipes, salt, pepper, turmeric, cumin powder etc. should also be derived from organic farms to complete your organic meal.

Small changes can make big differences. Just think about taking this small step of an organic meal this Bhai Dhooj and see the vibrant smile on your brother’s face.


Triphala: For Your Bowel Health


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Facing a bowel panic? You would not have to worry much when you can easily get your hands on Triphala- the miraculous herb that sure- shot will help you with your bowel disorder and cleanse them well.

Triphala is the traditional ayurvedic formula that cleanses and supports normal functioning of the bowel. The triphala powder or capsules is a blend of dried herbs like Haritaki,  Bibhitaki and Amalaki. Triphala is also known as the ‘nectar of life’ and this traditional herbal powder has found its mention in several ayurvedic scriptures of India when finding a way to cure many disorders.


Triphala has the unique ability to both cleanse and detoxify the bowel and simultaneously replenish and nourish it. The benefits it accompanies are multifold, a few are as follows-

Cures Constipation & Indigestion

Triphala powder has antibacterial properties which stimulate the metabolism that helps ease the digestive system and cures the problems of constipation and indigestion.

Flushes Out The Toxins & Reduces Cholesterol

It has the inherent property of blood purification. It thereby purifies the blood and improves its circulation throughout the body removing toxins from the body. It is also most effective when taken if suffering from jaundice or bronchitis as it also is helpful in cleansing the liver and lungs.

Fights Conditions Causing Cancers

Triphala has anti- cancerous properties too where it helps fight the free radicals that escalate to causing cancers. It has radioprotective and chemoprotective effects.

Improves Eye-sight

The herbs used in triphala help fight many eye diseases. It is most helpful in treating eye diseases at an early stage like glaucoma and cataracts. It also treats conditions like conjunctivitis and strengthens the eye muscles.

Balances Vata, Pitta & Kapha

Triphala balances the three essential elements of the body namely the Vata which boosts the immunity and regulates the nervous system. Pitta, which controls the stomach and organs related to it, its boosts metabolism and controls indigestion. Kapha is responsible for supporting the structural integrity of the body.

Boosts Immunity

As Triphala regulates the Vata element in the body it is helpful in fighting various kinds of fevers and makes the body stronger. Its antioxidant properties further enhance this.

Helps in Weight- Loss

It avoids unnecessary storage of fat in the body as it consumes the fat that is accumulated by the food we eat. Gradually it results in weight-loss and detoxification of the body.

Brings Natural Glow to The Skin

Triphala flushes out dead cells from the skin and helps get rid of skin problems, rashes or scars from the skin thus, lending a glow to the skin by flushing out the toxins.


Sweeten Your Diwali With Organic Sweeteners This Year!


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Come the month of October and festivals follow one another in line. No Indian festival is complete without sweets. But the celebrations leave diabetics and weight watchers thinking whether they are a boon or a bane to them. Relishing sweets places them at a risk of high glucose level and weight gain but it also seems difficult to refrain from them.

This dilemma is traceable to the detrimental effects of refined sugar used in the preparation of sweets. Refined sugar is nothing but a bunch of calories with nutrients missing. Apart from increasing the blood glucose level and puffing you with calories, it leads to tooth decay, fatty liver, addiction and high cholesterol.


The sugar-free alternatives available in the market boast of being devoid of calories but they are a strict no-no.  It is a wrong notion that they can be used as an alternative to refined sugar without compromising on taste .They are equally notorious as sugar when it comes to health.

Given these health risks let’s look at the options available for dessert lovers, the organic sweeteners that can be used in preparing your recipes.

Raw honey

The name itself dissolves sweetness in your mouth. Loaded with enzymes, antioxidants, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B6, 1 tablespoon of honey is capable of giving 64 calories. Don’t worry it doesn’t increase your glycemic load.  Neutralising the free radicals and promoting healthy bacteria in the digestive system are its known benefits. But remember to use only raw honey, pasteurisation destroys all its health benefits.


It is a concentrated product of date, cane juice or palm sugar and can vary from golden brown to dark brown in colour. It’s colour is indicative of its purity, golden yellow being relatively pure than brown.

Used as a sweetener in laddus in Gujarat and puran poli in Maharashtra, it has a richer taste and contains trace minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium not found in refined sugar. Furthermore, easy to digest, provides instant energy, strengthens the nervous system and relaxes the muscles.

Organic jaggery is produced by crushing sugarcane originating from organic farms of India. Devoid of pesticides, chemicals, flavouring agents, preservatives, microbial contaminants and impurities it’s a perfect choice to incorporate in your delicacies.


Ever thought of using the dates you eat as a sweetener?

Obtained from the date palm tree, they are easy to digest and help in metabolising fats, proteins and carbohydrates. They are a rich source of copper, potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium and Vitamin B6. Helping to reduce cholesterol and preventing stroke, they are your heart’s best buddy.

They can be used as a sweetener in cookies, muffins, cakes and pies in the form of date paste.

Coconut Sugar

You would have heard of coconut water and coconut milk but not of coconut sugar?

It is the sugar produced from the sap of cut flower buds of coconut palm and packed with nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and antioxidants. It’s increasingly becoming a craze as a natural sweetener due to this high mineral content and low glycemic load.

Just whirl the coconut sugar in liquids brought in for your recipe.

Maple Syrup

A natural product from the maple tree and an incredible source of manganese, calcium, potassium, zinc and antioxidants, it prevents damage by free radicals. Darker syrups are preferred over lighter syrups due to more beneficial antioxidants. It is heat stable making it apt for any recipe.

No more stress of gaining weight and uncontrolled sugar. Just enjoy your organic delicacies this Diwali.